Saturday, February 14, 2009

NYC tale, by Ailsa Cortes

samara[UC] said: 'I think you should start, so we can start introducing our stories to your blog... Why don't you write one of your fantasies... after I read yours, I will be happy to share at least one of my fantasies or experiences'.

Ok, you're right, sweetie. I'm going to shoot first. Here goes a short story based on real facts, from my loved friend Ailsa Cortes. It's specially dedicated to you, samara[UC], cos it happens in your city, NYC. Mmmm!

It was the last week of January of this year. I was in NYC for a training update for the computer systems I work with and it was a week long process. There were 2 of us from my region that went, Paul and myself. I did not really know Paul very well but he was a nice guy and pretty good looking and we got to know each other pretty well over the week long training. It was Friday and we were at lunch talking about everything and we got on the subject of tattoo's and piercings. I told Paul I was going to get both of my nipples pierced with silver bars and my clit pierced with a silver ring at the same time... He called me on it and so I called a place in the East Village and got an 11 PM appointment to have the piercings done.

Paul and I went out to dinner that night and I had a few drinks to release the tension of the week. We finished dinner and took a taxi to the shop where I was to have my piercings done, it was nothing special. It was a little shop in-between a couple of other little shops with a glass door. We went in to the shop and on the walls were many pictures of tattoo's one could get and in front of me was a long vinyl bench and to the right was a door that went to the back. Next to the door was an opening in the wall with a glass display case with the jewelry for piercings. I went over to the display case and was met by the owner and he asked what I wanted. I told him that I wanted both of my nipples pierced and also my clit tonight. He asked me if I had already chosen my jewelry and I told him I had not and asked for his recommendation and what he liked. He said that depends on the type and shape of the breast and clit. He asked me if my clit was out or hooded and asked so many questions about my breasts that I could not answer fast enough for him.

He was frustrated with me and told me to take off my clothes and put them on the counter so we could get started and not fuck around any more. At that point I just submitted to what ever he wanted I don't know what came over me but I turned into a total submissive to him. I did it.... I unbuttoned my blouse and put it on the counter, I took off my shoes and socks, I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down off my hips and they fell to my ankles. I stepped out of my pants and put them on the counter, so there I was standing in a black bra and a thong in the front of the shop. I was really nervous but at the same time... very excited and I could feel my pussy start to become wet. The owner put my clothes into a box on the counter and told me to finish undressing and I asked him if he wanted me to go to the back and finish. He stated, NO just take off you bra and panties and put them here in the box. I undid my bra and my large 40 DD breast were now hanging free, I put the bra in the box. I pushed my panties down and they fell to the floor and stepped out of them and was frozen at that point. He asked Paul, my co-worker who I had forgotten was even there to pick them up and put them in the box.

So there I was standing in the front of this shop NAKED as could be, my pussy was so wet that I thought I was going to start dripping on the floor and I did not care. I was so in the moment that I would have done anything the shop owner told me to and I did. He called me over to the counter and had me lean in toward him and took out the nipple bars and started to put them next to my nipples. He said my nipples have to be erect to get a good feel and pinched each one and I said yes Sir and moaned under my breath. My nipples did not erect right away and he took out a pair of nipple clamps with a chain between them and put one on each nipple. God, I loved the feeling of clamps on my nipples... I can cum just by having them on, anyway he told me that I had to wear them for 30 minutes so my nipples would be ready for the bars and I told him... yes Sir. I sat with Paul in the lobby of the shop for 30 minutes without any clothes and silently had 3 orgasms every time I shifted my position on the bench. I pretended like it was no big deal and he called me to the back and Paul came with me for moral support and to watch, he pierced my nipples and I organized each time from the pain and sensations.

He had me lay back on a table and spread my legs open and he pinched my hooded clit to make it erect and I organized so fucking hard that I did not even feel him put my new silver ring in my clit. He told me that it was over and to get dressed. I thanked him for the excellent work and got dressed. Paul and I left the shop and to this day he and I have never spoken about what he saw me do there... though I may be reaching the ripe age of 34 this year... I was just born sexually.

********** Samara, hun, your turn :D


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  2. Guau! What a story! I had a great time reading it. Where are you from? Because at the moment you are in Catalunya...
    Thanks for your link to my blog and for following my blog too.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for visitin' sexonapontadalingua. Tell me, r u from USA? Just to know the reason of writin' everythin' in English.
    But that's ok for me. I really like your blog...and talking abou' your history...OH made me feel excited...

    keep on writin' this.


  4. Not from USA, Carolina. I'm from Barcelona, Espanha. My first language is catalan, and spanish is the second one. Eu não falam Português, mas eu entendo muito bem. É muito semelhante ao catalão e castelhano. Esta bela história foi escrita por uma amiga minha que si é americana. Muito obrigada por seu comentário. Alegra-me que te faz sentir excitada.


  5. Hello, thanks for the link to my blog and for following.

    Here goes - me gusta mucho la historia y el estilo de escribir, me gusta tambien su ciudad Barcelona! Mi Pobre espanol, lo siento.


  6. Fucking hot! I love clit hood piercings!


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