Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fes país: llegeix erotisme en català

I'm so sorry, my friends, but you cannot still enjoy all that great catalan erotic stories. Ask for them to Random House, Harper Collins, Viking Press, Penguin, Simon & Schuster and all that stuff. They deserve to be translated to english!

I en castellà també, només faltaria.


  1. Pictures above are very sexy^_^!!
    Your very erotic blog remind me something, but I couldn't tell... I'll find out and I'll come back to tell you.
    I also love the Ophelias in the next post.

  2. Hmmmm yes, tell me what. Perhaps a déjà vu? Tell me, I'm impatient :)

  3. Ei, he vist que varis usuaris han arribat al web a traves de la teva web.

    Per si no ho sabies, és un portal gratuït de sexe en català i relats eròtics.

    Des de l'administració ens agradaria apareixer al vostre web.


  4. Me encantan las imágenes de tu blog

  5. Damn. If I could remember enough Spanish (and if it was similar enough to Catalan for me to properly translate), I'd translate them myself.


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