Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tell me about you

Hiya, folks!

I want to know about your sex experiences, specially in BDSM and other kinky practices. Vanilla? No problem! Real experiences, virtual experiences, or simply fiction will be welcome.

Share your experiences here, with me and with the world, or if you prefer you can write me to ivetwriter [at] gmail.com.

Don't be shy. Feel free to say just what you want. Not necessary to be polite. Write in english, español, català, deutsch, 日本語, 中文, Русский, العربية... no matter!

Kisses from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.


  1. I think you should start, so we can start introducing our stories to your blog...

    Why don't you write one of your fantasies... after I read yours, I will be happy to share at least one of my fantasies or experiences



  2. My life has been dominated by my sexual appetite. If I wasn't so horny, I would be rich! If I'd become rich, I could have had even more sex, but I am really stupid as well! My dick gets me into terrible trouble. I have sex with women I shouldn't and flirt all day every day. Am I abnormal or the only man who will admit his weakness? I never say 'no' and love to try anything. My sexual experiences would make 'War And Peace' look like a short story!

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Not necessary to be polite.