Thursday, March 19, 2009

Customize your cock!

In order to use your Xcite! X2 Cock just wear it. It's that simple! By default your Xcite! X2 Cock is designed to attach to your Pelvis attachment point. If this attachment point is in use and you would prefer to attach your Xcite! X2 Cock to another attachment point, simply left click the Xcite! X2 Cock in Inventory before wearing it and select 'Attach to...' from the radial menu. From there, select the attachment point you wish the Xcite! X2 Cock to use. Some adjustment of position and rotation may be necessary if you change the attachment point. Keep in mind when choosing a new attachment point that not all points will be appropriate to use for your Xcite! X2 Cock because different attachment points move differently with respect to the rest of the body - you won't want your Xcite! X2 Cock to "float around" as you walk, for example. The Stomach attachment point makes a good alternate spot for the Xcite! X2 Cock.We do recommend a few things right off the bat to make this Xcite! X2 Cock truly your own. Since your Xcite! X2 Cock is modifiable, we recommend that you customize it and make it truly yours!
Xcite! stuff users, your comments, troubles and suggestions will be welcome.

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